[Mat 4:11]

73. ‘Then the devil left Him, and angels came and ministered to Him’ (Matt. 4:11). It does not say that the angels were with our Lord during the actual time when He was being tempted. In the same way, when we are being tempted, God’s angels for a time withdraw a little. Then, after the departure of those tempting us, they come and minister to us with divine intellections, giving us support, illumination, compunction, encouragement, patient endurance, joyfulness, and everything that saves and strengthens and renews our exhausted soul. As Nathanael was told, ‘You will see the angels ascending and descending upon the Son of man’ (John 1:51); in other words, the ministry and assistance of the angels will be given generously to mankind.

(St John of Karpathos, For the Encouragement of the Monks in India who had Written to Him, One Hundred Texts, Philokalia [V1] 315)



[Mt. 24:12,13]”And because lawlessness shall have been multiplied, the love of the multitude shall grow cold. “But the one who endureth to the end, this one shall be saved.

197. (Also in VI.i.14) The holy fathers, especially one called Squirion (or Cyrion) , were gathered together and were prophesying about the final generation [of people on earth]. “We indeed have kept the commandments of God up till now,” said Squirion. “What about those who come after us?” some of the fathers asked. “They will seek God and keep the commandments of God but only half as fervently,” “And those who come after them, what will they do?” “The people of that generation will not keep the commandments of God and will forget the precepts of God. Iniquity will then flourish, and the charity of many will grow cold (Matthew 24.12). A time of testing will come upon them and those who endure that testing will be better, and more blessed, and more commendable than us and all our fathers.” (De Vitis Patrum III, 197)