The Power of God

But what do you say, O man? Christ became a slave for you, ‘having taken the form of a slave,’ (Phil 2:7) and was crucified and rose again. And when you ought for this reason to adore Him risen and admire His lovingkindness, because what neither father, nor friend, nor son did for you, all this the Lord wrought for you. For suppose a man, wished to make out all things by reasoning, let him try by your discourse to convince himself how we see the light … No, you cannot … Therefore, leaving this to God’s power and boundless wisdom, let us be silent. Just so with regard to the things of God; should we desire to explain them by the wisdom which is from without, great derision will ensue … from the folly of men. For the greatest things of all no language can explain …

St. John Chrysostom. Homily IV on I Corinthians I, 1,2,3,4,5. The Bible and the Holy Fathers, p. 1024-1025.

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