The Paradoxes in Jonah’s Life

Saint Ephraim the Syrian speaks of the paradoxes in the Prophet’ s life, saying, “Jonas, with silver, bought a watery drowning.” And, ” God sent him to land; he fled to sea. He sent him to Nineveh; he boarded a ship. To Nineveh He sent him to awaken the peoples. He slept on the ship; the peoples awakened him! Instead of assuaging the sins on land, he went to awaken the waves on the sea. He abandoned silencing the iniquity of the city. He went to stir up a storm of the sea. Instead of sanctifying the wicked city, he went to overturn a ship of the sea. Instead of keeping watch on land and putting wickedness to sleep, he went to sleep at sea and awakened the water. One who was quiet on the ship made the water cry out.”

The Lives of the Holy Prophets, Holy Apostles Convent, Colorado, USA, p. 37.

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