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Perfection according to St. Anthony

All these things which you have mentioned are indeed needful, and helpful to those who are thirsting for God, and desirous to approach Him. But countless accidents and the experience of many people will not allow us to make the most important of gifts consist in them. Continue reading

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Spiritual Perception

He did not therefore fulfil His miracles so much in order to be wondered at, nor seek by them to become famous, as that we might rather believe, that whereas He is God… Continue reading

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Five Types of Baptism

Jesus also baptized, but in the Spirit. This is the perfect Baptism …
I know also a Fourth Baptism — that by Martyrdom and blood, which also Christ himself underwent: Continue reading

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Rod of the Root of Jesse

Saint Ambrose (339-397), Bishop of Milan, concurs with this image, writing: “The root is the household of the Jews, the rod is Mary, the Flower of Mary is Christ. She is rightly called a rod, for she is of royal … Continue reading

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Mindfulness of Death

the purging of impassioned thoughts from the heart embraces many of the Lord’s commandments. Continue reading

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