Like the rays of the sun

“He is simple in nature, manifold in powers, wholly present in each single one, and whole and entire in all places. Impassively divided, yet wholly bestowed, like the rays of the sun whose favor each enjoys as though it shone for him alone. So the Spirit, to each one who received Him, as though given to Him alone, pours forth sufficient and perfect grace to each one. He is enjoyed by each one, not in the measure of His power, but of each one’s capacity.

The Spirit is not united to the soul by drawing near to it in place, but through the withdrawal of the passions…. Through His aid, hearts are lifted up, the weak are led by the hand, those going forward are perfected. He shines upon those who have been purified of every stain, making them spiritual in heart, through union with Himself. Thus the souls containing the Spirit within them become themselves spiritual and their brightness shines forth on others. From this comes the knowledge of the future, the understanding of mysteries, the seeing of things hidden, the apportioning of gifts, heavenly association with the angelic choirs, joy without end, abiding with God, being made like to God, and highest of all, to become God.’”

St. Basil the Great, On the Holy Spirit, Ch. 9, parag. 22, 23, NPNF 2nd Series, Volume 8.

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