Rejoice for He is risen

Rejoice, O Jerusalem, and keep high festival, all ye that love Jesus; for He is risen.  Rejoice, all ye that mourned before (Is 66:10), when ye heard of the daring and wicked deeds of the Jews:  for He who was spitefully entreated of them in this place is risen again.  And as the discourse concerning the Cross was a sorrowful one, so let the good tidings of the Resurrection bring joy to the hearers.  Let mourning be turned into gladness, and lamentation to joy:  and let our mouth be filled with joy and gladness, because of Him, who after His resurrection, said Rejoice (Mat 28:9) ….

A garden was the place of His Burial, and a vine that which was planted there:  and He hath said, I am the vine (John 15:1)!  He was planted therefore in the earth in order that the curse which came because of Adam might be rooted out.  The earth was condemned to thorns and thistles:  the true Vine sprang up out of the earth, that the saying might be fulfilled, Truth sprang up out of the earth, and righteousness looked down from heaven (Ps 85:11).

St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Lecture 14, NPNF 2nd series, Vol.7, p. 97.

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