The Holy Day of Hosanna

And the Pharisees indeed murmured because Christ was praised; and drew near and said, “Rebuke your disciples.” But what wrong action have they done, O Pharisee? What charge do you bring against the disciples, or how would you have them rebuked? For they have not in any way sinned, but have rather done that which is praiseworthy. For they extol, as King and Lord, Him Whom the law had before pointed out by many figures and types; and Whom the company of the holy prophets had preached of old: but you have despised Him, and grieved Him by your numberless envyings.

Your duty rather it was to join the rest in their praises: your duty it was to withdraw far from your innate wickedness, and to change your manner for the better: your duty it was to follow, the sacred Scriptures, and to thirst after the knowledge of the truth. But this you did not do, but transferring your words to the very contrary, you desired that the heralds of the truth might be rebuked.

What therefore does Christ answer to these things? “I tell you, that if these be silent, the stones will cry out.” For it is impossible for God not to be glorified,….

St. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Homily 130, p. 516

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