The heavenly mountain

Come, all peoples, and believe. Let us climb the holy and heavenly mountain; free from materiality, let us stand in the city of the living God and behold with our intellect the immaterial godhead of the Father and the Spirit blazing forth in the Only-begotten Son. Thou hast enraptured me with longing for Thee, O Christ, and hast transformed me with the intensity of Thy divine love; with immaterial fire consume my sins and fill me with delight in Thee, so that in my joy, O Lord, I may praise Thy first and second coming. Thou art all tenderness, O Savior, all my desire, truly the goal of my insatiable longing; Thou art all beauty irresistible.’

St Peter of Damaskos Book1 A Treasury of Divine Knowledge The Fourth Stage of Contemplation, Philokalia V3.123

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