Another Path to Salvation

32. Shall I show you another path to salvation – or, rather, to dispassion? Through your entreaties constrain the Creator not to let you fail in your purpose. Constantly bring before Him as intercessors all the angelic powers, all the saints, and especially the most pure Mother of God. Do not ask for dispassion, for you are unworthy of such a gift; but ask persistently for salvation and with it you will receive dispassion as well. The one is like silver, the other like pure gold. In particular, let inward meditation on God be your handmaid, and turn your whole attention to the secret mysteries concerning Him: for the principles of these mysteries will deify you, and God delights in them and is won over by them.

– St Theognostos On the Practice of the Virtues, Contemplation and the Priesthood, Philokalia Volume II, P. 366

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