The monk who hid the money

219. A certain brother in Nitria died and left behind him a hundred solidi which he had got together and hidden wrapped up in some linen. He had been miserly rather than greedy, and forgetful of the thirty pieces of silver which betrayed the Lord Jesus. The monks began to discuss what should be done about the money (there were in that place about five thousand monks living in scattered cells). Some thought it should be given to the poor, some to the church, others to their families. But Macarius, Pambo and Isodore, inspired by the Holy Spirit, said that it should be buried with its owner, saying, ‘Your money perish with you’ (Acts 8.20). But don’t let anyone think that this was a heartless thing to do, for there was as much horror and consternation among the monks if even one solidus only had been misused.

De Vitis Patrum Book III, Text #219

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