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Types of Spiritual Poverty

When through such contrition the soul is freed from vice and bitterness, it will certainly receive spiritual delight in their place. Continue reading

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Another Path to Salvation

Constantly bring before Him as intercessors all the angelic powers, all the saints, and especially the most pure Mother of God. Continue reading

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Many causes of tears

32. Many of the Fathers say that the question of tears, especially in the case of beginners, is an obscure matter and hard to ascertain, as tears are born in many different ways. For instance, there are tears from nature, … Continue reading

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What are fasting and prayer?

prayer is converse with God, vigil is a war against Satan, abstinence is being weaned from meats… Continue reading

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The monk who hid the money

A certain brother in Nitria died …. He had been miserly rather than greedy, and forgetful of the thirty pieces of silver which betrayed the Lord Jesus. Continue reading

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