The Meek

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.  [Mt. 5:5]

 Saint Chrysostom: “What kind of earth? Tell me? Some say a noetic one, but nowhere in Scripture do we find a noetic earth. He means to hold out a prize that is perceived by the senses. For He does not incite us by means of future good things only, but of the present, on account of the grosser sort of His listeners, and such as before the future seek those others….Thus Christ has mingled also the spiritual with  that which is apprehended by the senses.” [Ib., P.G. 57:188 (col. 226).]
Saint Gregory of Nyssa: “By this He surely means the land that is fruitful in good things, where the tree of life waves its leaves, which is watered by the fountains of spiritual graces. It is the land where sprouts the true vine, and its Husbandman is the Father of the Lord….Blessed, therefore, are those who are not easily turned toward the passionate movements of the soul, but who are steadied by reason. For the reasoning power restrains the desires like a rein and does not suffer the soul to be carried away to unruliness. How blessed is meekness can best be seen with regard to the passion of wrath.” [Ib., Sermon 2, 18:101, 103.]

 (The Orthodox New Testament, Volume 1, Holy Apostles Convent, Buena Vista, Colorado)


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