The Mourners

“Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.  [Mt. 5:4]

 Saint Gregory of Nyssa: “There is more than one kind of sorrow, and so says St. Paul: ‘For the sorrow in accordance with God worketh out repentance to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world worketh out death [2 Cor. 7:10].’ For surely if a soul bewails its wicked life because it feels its bad effects, such suffering cannot be excluded from the sorrow that is called blessed….We should not think it a loss to be deprived of some of the pleasant things of this life, but rather to lose the better things for the sake of enjoying the others.” [Ib., Sermon 3, 18:107, 116.]

Saint Chrysostom: “Herein again He did not simply set forward all that mourn, but they that do so for sins….Now of this kind He calls happy those who have sorrow in accordance with God [2 Cor. 7:10]. And yet He did not set forth simply the sorrowing, but one with intensity, those that mourn….
      “Now where shall they be comforted? Tell me. Both here and there. They that mourn for their transgressions, it is enough to enjoy forgiveness….But since God exceedingly loves man,…He imparts to them abundant consolation. And He bids us not only to mourn for our own, but also for the transgressions of others.” [Ib., P.G. 57:187, 188 (cols. 225, 226).]

 (The Orthodox New Testament, Volume 1, Holy Apostles Convent, Buena Vista, Colorado)


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