Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
Call Me, and I will answer,
Seek Me, and I shall be found;
Come, for I long to bless thee,
Wait, for I shall come down.

Trust, for I shall not fail thee;
Yield, and thy needs I'll fill;
Hold Me in glad surrender;
For I dwell in a heart that is still.

For lo, the eyes that behold Me
Are fixed on things above,
And the ears that are closed to the world
Shall hear My song of love.

The heart that desired no other
Shall feast on love divine;
Alone, all alone in communion,
I am thine, as thou are Mine!

And My love shall flow as the ocean,
Deep, and full and sure.
My love and My grace are endless;
And I dwell in a heart that is pure.

So come, and I shall fill thee.
Wait, and thou shalt see.
Tell Me thy deepest secrets.
Yield thyself to Me.