Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts

Hearken unto the voice of the Lord and give thyself diligently to keep His
commandments. Each day ye are confronted with opportunities to minister. I would
have you be a sharp instrument with which I can thresh mountains. (Isaiah 41:15)
In order for this to be true, ye must have hearing ears and ye must have an
obedient spirit.

It is not enough that ye have come to know Me in a salvation experience, for this is
only the beginning. Ye have been chosen for a purpose, and I cannot use you in the
fulfillment of this purpose unless ye submit thyself to My training and teaching.

As in the days of old, I am looking for disciples to be used ultimately as leaders.
Many there were who followed, as it is written, because of the miracles performed,
but few there were who sought Me with a true desire to be taught, to receive My
words, and to put My teachings into practice.

Bring Me an obedient heart, a teachable spirit, and a mind ready to learn. I shall be
able then to make of thee a disciple and to bring thee at last into a position of
responsibility. The cost is high, but the rewards shall be gratifying; but ye shall not
be aware of either the cost nor the rewards because the joy of fellowshipping
closely with Me shall so occupy thy heart.