Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts

Be silent, My little one. My peace shall come to you as you think about Me and as
you open to Me your heart. Be not disturbed by what you feel, but set your
thoughts on what you know and what I have revealed to you, and new faith shall
spring forth.

Never doubt My love when things are dark. Situations never change Me. The deeper
your need, the more I will respond if you call on Me. In this way you can turn the
darkness into blessing.

Hold to My hand. No other support is necessary. Human love is comforting, but
divine love, the love of God the Father, is greater. I desire to give you both, but if
you can drink deeply of My love, you shall come more quickly to find fulfillment in
human love also.

As you reach out, reach out to Me alone. I will never fail to meet you when your
desire for Me is pure and sincere. I know your every heartache and see each falling
tear. I will gather you to My heart and you shall know the deep, deep joy of being
near Me.
Psalm 139:12