by Frances J. Roberts

There is a way of the Spirit unknown to the natural mind. No barrier can keep you
from finding His best except an unyielded will. As long as it is your inmost desire
to know the will of God and do it, He Himself will guide and direct in all sorts of
surprising ways.

His desire to bless you goes infinitely beyond your own personal desire to secure
His blessing. There is always peace in His presence. Do not disturb this by anxiety
to know what is in store for tomorrow. Out of the very tranquility of worship will be
born the guidance you need.

Give Him your full adoration. His grace toward you extends through the channel of
your love and is activated by your desire to receive. Go forth each day with the
quiet knowing: Christ is in this day because Christ is in me. You can go nowhere
without finding Him there, because wherever you go, you take Him with you, and
He goes before and follows after!
1970 Frances J. Roberts