Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
My little one, you are precious to Me, and I am ever at your side to bring strength
and comfort, wisdom and guidance. You are a vessel prepared for My glory. You
should be filled with My Spirit at all times. To do this, there must be a release of
refusal of anxiety. You cannot serve Me well under tension, for My life is a
free-flowing stream. My way is not burdensome. When life is a burden, it is your
burden, not Mine. You can lay it down yourself, because you are the one who
picked it up. You can pick up My peace at any point just like you picked up the
burden. It is a matter of choice. You can be happy or you can be sad. You can
express faith or you can voice anxiety. Faith and joy are of My Spirit: worry and
depression are of your own making. You create the atmosphere around your soul by
your choice of position. You are always either IN CHRIST or in yourself. To be in
yourself is to be in constant conflict. You are tuning in the world and receiving
static. Tune into My Spirit and you will hear music, the heavenly harmony of My
love and My purity. There is no place for worry in My presence. Every time you worry
you turn off the music and produce discord. It is when you broadcast that discord
that you drive from you those I have sent to help.

I have sent you angels of mercy. You can trust them as you would trust Me, for
they are My channels of blessing to you. They are sent to help you, and you can
trust yourself to their hands. They shall bear you up in their hands, as the Bible
says. This you need. I know your need. I know you need help. I have provided the
help you need, but you have not recognized it. You have thought to yourself, "This
is a man." No, this is not a man, this is an angel. My angel of mercy sent to bless
you. Trust Me, and trust the instruments I have chosen to use to help you. I will
protect you from harm, for I am in complete control. You have caused yourself
unnecessary worry. Put yourself in the Big Circle of My presence, and your problem
will become a tiny speck on the outside. You will restore perspective. You will
regain your peace, and you will find joy; for it is not your joy; it is My joy, I give it
to you. Nothing can destroy MY JOY! Forget your sorrow. Let it go. Take My joy, and
take it in its fullness. It is impossible to be too happy.