Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
My little children, how many times have I reminded you that I am to be the center
of your worship? When your attention is on Me you are melted together in a bond
of love. You do not have to try to love each other. The love that you bring to Me
rises like a tide and embraces the entire Body in a harmonious healing flow. It is
so easy to direct your thoughts to Me, your loving Saviour, and turn away from
petty grievances. When My Holy Spirit is in control in your hearts such things are
swept away. The love of the Spirit, the peace of the Spirit, the joy of the Spirit are
your safeguards against the warrings of your carnal natures.

Bitterness shuts out My blessing. An unforgiving, unloving spirit thwarts the move
of God in your midst. Humble yourselves, and seek My forgiveness. I will forgive
you as you forgive one another. Come back to the Cross and to the cleansing
blood. Remember again the price I paid for your redemption. I am more patient
with you than you are with each other. I am more loving, more kind and more
understanding. I will teach you how to love when you have laid aside your pride
and self-defense. I will lift you out of the pit when I hear your SONG OF PRAISE.