Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
O child of God, take heart! Be encouraged, for I am working in your behalf to bring
to pass that for which you have been earnestly contending in prayer. Your petitions
have come before Me, and I am moved by the need. No situation is so difficult that
I am unable to help; neither is any request too insignificant to be granted.
Hold fast your confidence. Wait upon Me. I will surely perform it. Rebuke anxiety.
Praise Me NOW. In so doing, you will have a double victory; for faith carries a
reward all its own, quite apart from the blessing of answered prayer. Praise also is
a benefit in itself, especially in the face of perplexity or adversity; for praise and
faith are virtues of the soul, and as such are of supreme value.

Work, yes. Serve Me, yes; but more than these, love Me. Otherwise I am lost in the
serving and I have no longer a heart-interest in your work. Be not overcome in the
process of resisting evil. Let your soul be filled with God, and the good that is part
of Himself will of its own power overcome evil.

I am the Lord your God who loves you and delights in you. Yes, I shall rest in My
love, and My heart shall be at leisure with your heart. I will help you as you trust

I will walk in your midst and will share the burden with you. I will encourage you
and strengthen you, and will show you My mighty power in proportion to your faith.
1970 Frances J. Roberts