Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
O My child, do not weep. I am doing a beautiful work. Stress and pressure and pain
are often the path to victory and understanding. Penitence is a mother to purity,
and contrition a father to total consecration.

I am in the midst, and I am a strong deliverer. You need not be concerned. You
must not be sad. Courage is the greatest contribution you can make at this point.
To be strong now will make the path of recovery easier. Faith is an essential
ingredient in every solution... often it is the solution itself.

Never underestimate the power of FAITH. Faith is your ability to bring Divine Action
to bear upon any given situation. Hold fast. Trust. Unseen angels assist you. Doors
are opening to let you pass into safety.

Pour all the intensity of your soul into serving Me, and you will receive great
consolation. It is My way provided for your solace and preservation. I will bring you
other mercies as I see you have need.

Be strong! I will measure the trials according to your strength and My mercy, but I
expect you to stand true. No one can do this FOR you,.

It is your supreme hour of destiny. Throw your whole being into winning.

Psalm 30
1970 Frances J. Roberts