Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
My protection is all you need, My child. The help of man is vain, for he who would
protect another is himself never beyond the reach of danger. He who looks to the
Almighty for aid will not be tempted to seek elsewhere for strength or shelter.

Information man may supply, but bring this to Me, and let Me give you wisdom as
to the right use of the knowledge. All will fall into place beautifully as you rest it in
My hands. Fear not that any can harm you. Fear only the potential treachery of your
own heart, for often in the midst of what seems a holy action, there suddenly
appears a traitorous motive.

Seek guidance for outer action, but be even more concerned with the desires of the
heart, that they be consistent with the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Never did
He call upon men for protection, nor even upon angels, although they were sent to
minister to Him. It was His own inner unification with the Father’s heart that
effected His preservation against all evil that was directed against Him. Even so,
your own heart purity determines the extent of your personal preservation.

In the biblical account (2 Kings 6:17) Gehazi owed his own safety to Elisha, for God
was with
Elisha, the man of God, in the form of an angelic host that filled the mountains,
and Gehazi, the servant, benefitted by going in his company. So shall it be for
those who journey with you, as God, seeing your confidence in Him and desire to
please Him and do His will, moves in your behalf.

Cast fear forever from your heart. God’s love protects the sparrow: surely He is
near His children who rely on His faithfulness!

Let My peace fill your heart, and if ever it is not present, wait in My presence, and
go not out until it has been regained. I WILL direct your steps. I WILL provide for
your needs. I WILL deliver you from evil. Rely on Me.
1 Thessalonians 5:23,24