Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
Seek Me early; seek Me late; Seek Me in the midst of the day. Ye need Me in the
early hours for direction and guidance and for My blessing upon thy heart. Ye need
Me at the end of the day to commit into My hands the day's happenings both to free
thyself of the burdens and to give them over into My hands that I may continue to
work things out. And ye need Me more than ever in the busy hours, in the activities
and responsibilities, that I may give thee My grace and My tranquility and My

I do not ask you to take time for Me with the intention of placing a burden upon
thee in requiring thee to do so. Rather than adding a requirement, I seek to lift thy
load. Rather than burdening thee with a devotional obligation, I desire to take from
thee the tensions of life.