Excerpts from the Inspirational Books
by Frances J. Roberts
Behold, ye stand on the threshold of a new day. For I have truly great things in
store for thee. Yea, thou hast not power to conceive that which I am about to do.
For I shall bring to pass a new thing. Thou shalt rejoice exceedingly. Ye have heard
of the showers, but I say unto thee that I shall send a mighty downpour. Many
have cried unto Me out of hungry hearts and have received of My fulness and seen
My glory; but I say unto thee, that in the day of the great deluge that is about to
come, many shall come to know the reality of My power who have up until now not
even dreamed of such a thing.

Many who are scoffers, and many who are honest doubters shall find themselves
swept away on the swelling tide of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. For this is the
time of the last great outpouring. This is the day of the preparation for the coming
of the Lord. Many shall rejoice together in the Spirit's work who now are even at
sword's point over doctrinal disputations and barriers of tradition.

But let thine heart be encouraged; for a new day is dawning: a day of repentance
and a day of gathering for My people, saith the Lord. For they shall not continue
barricaded and isolated behind walls of prejudice. I am the LORD, and I will be
worshipped in spirit and truth, and not in the bigotry of sectarianism and
narrowness of denominationalism. The world is waiting for a robust Church to
minister to its needs; and how can an ailing dismembered Body bring healing to a
sick and dying world?

Surely I will pour out My Spirit, and by prophecies, by signs and wonders, by many
different types of miracles, and by healings, I will reaffirm the veracity of My Word
and bring the message of the Gospel of Redemption to many who would otherwise
never give heed. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Stand firm in Me. Never waver.

Be faithful regardless of apparent failures and discouragements; for My word shall
surely be fulfilled, and thine eyes shall see Revival in proportion like as has never
been witnessed before in the history of the human race.
Keep your eye on the end of the course. Victory is secured already. Do not let the
hurdles cause thee consternation. Stay in the running. Verily, I am at thy side.
According to each day shall thy strength be; and the race is not to the swift, but
the obedient shall receive the prize.