Coptic Icons
Icons by G.M.
Descriptions for Icons

Icon of Jesus

• Christ is wearing red as a symbol
of the blood He shed on the cross
• Christ is wearing white as a
symbol of His purity and
• The blue gospel dotted with stars
expresses heaven which is the
dwelling of Christ
• The gold background represents
the glory of Christ

The Icon of Christ feeding the

• Christ is shown with His arms
out, the humble boy giving him five
loaves and two fish
• The five thousands are
represented standing behind
Christ, watching in awe
• Christ is dressed according to the
first description

The Icon of the Virgin Mary

• The virgin Mary wears purple, but
could also be depicted wearing
blue dotted with stars symbolizing
that she is the second heaven
• She wears red on her inner
clothing representing her royalty as
• Christ is depicted as explained
• The three stars represent her
virginity before, during and after
the birth of Christ

St. Mark Coptic Icon

• St. Mark is carrying a gospel to
show that he preached in Egypt
• The gospel is blue and dotted
with stars, heaven

St. George Coptic Icon

• Saint George is on a horseback
defeating the dragon, which is
green. In iconography, green is a
color of the devil
• The cape of St. George is red,
symbolizing the blood he shed
• His tunic is white representing
his righteousness
• The angel is shown presenting
him the crown of martyrdom
• the stars on the cloth on the
horse is blue and dotted with
stars, St. George won eternal life