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Eager Concerning Doctrines

For which of you when in his house takes some Christian book in hand and goes over its contents, and searches the Scriptures? Continue reading

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Dislike of Self-display

seeing that he could speak eloquently with as much ease as others displayed when speaking in a normal way? But it was due to his long habit of silence and his dislike of self-display. Continue reading

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On the many forms of vainglory

The sun shines on all alike, and vainglory beams on all activities. For instance, I am vainglorious when I fast, and when I relax the fast in order to be unnoticed …. Continue reading

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He Wrote on the Walls

Then, going to the wall, he read the names and cried to himself: ‘When you possess all these, then you will know how far you still are from God!’ Continue reading

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