Future Life

Now, just as when the night is ending the day begins to shine with before the sun fully rises, the darkness somehow mingling with the light, before the darkness of night completely fades and is overcome the light of the coming day so exactly are things in this world.
The end of this world is being mingled with the dawn of the future life, so that certain obscure things of this world are made known by reason of their intermingling with spiritual things. For this reason precisely, we are learning about things of that other world. Certainly, however, we do not know all of those things of the other world, or know them clearly, but see them only dimly, as though our minds were illuminated in some way—in the same way that we perceive objects of the material world just prior to the rise of the sun.

St. Gregory the Dialogist, The Evergetinos, Book 1, p. 91

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