The company of holy men

3. Abba Palladios said: More than a well-lighted window, a man must seek after the company of holy men, so that he can see his heart, as if reading a clearly written book, and thus come to perceive the idleness in his way of life by contrast with their lives.
For many are the traits of virtuous men which bear witness to the purity of their souls—such as the subtle look that a Godly way of life imprints on the face, the style of dress, the simplicity of character, humility in discourse, the absence of an inquisitive tone in their words, the prudence of their expressions, the piety of their manner. All of these things benefit greatly those who attend to them and engrave on their souls the immutable archetypes of Virtues.

The Evergetinos, The First Book, p. 135

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