I hymn Thy birth

Great art Thou, O Lord,  and marvelous  are Thy  works;  and no  word  suffices  to  hymn  Thy wonders… For  Thou  art  the source  of  healing, and  who can  hymn  Thy  manner  of  life in  this  world?

I am  earth, ashes, dust, a transgressor, a suicide, who have  sinned many  times against  Thee and continue  to  do  so; yet  Thou  hast  enabled me  to  grasp  something  of  Thy  actions and  words;  and  I  dare to  ask Thee  about  them, hoping to  see Thee  by faith, although Thou  art invisible to  the  whole  of  creation.

Forgive  me  my  boldness. For  Thou knowest,  O Lord, Searcher  of  hearts,  that  I do  not  ask  out  of idle  curiosity, but  seek  to  learn,  I  believe  that  if  I am found  worthy  of  Thy spiritual knowledge, then  in  Thy compassion  Thou  wilt grant to  me, as Thou  dost to  all who long  for  Thee,  the strength  to  imitate Thy life in the flesh;  for it is by  virtue  of  Thy  incarnation  that  I  by  grace am called  a Christian….

I hymn Thy birth and her  who  gave  Thee  birth:  she whom  Thou  didst  preserve  a virgin  after she  gave  birth as  she was  before she  gave  birth.  I worship Thee in the cave, swaddled in the manger.

I glorify Thee, who hast gone down into  Egypt with  Thy virginal  and  most pure  Mother; who  hast lived  in  Nazareth  in  obedience to  Thy mortal parents, Thy putative  father and  Thy  true  mother.

I hymn  Thee,  baptized  in Jordan  by John  the  Forerunner-Thee,  Lord,  and Thy  Father  who  bore  witness  to  Thee,  and  Thy  Holy  Spirit  who manifested Thee.  I hymn Thy baptism and Thy baptizer John, Thy prophet and Thy servant.

I glorify Thee who didst fast for us, who hast voluntarily accepted temptation and triumphed over the enemy in the body  which Thou  didst  take from  us, giving  us  victory  over him  in Thy  inexpressible wisdom.

~ St Peter of Damaskos, Book 1, A Treasury of Divine Knowledge The Fourth Stage of Contemplation, Philokalia V3.127-129

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