The Scroll

From the Life of St. Ephraim:

Before long, the elder Julian informed the brethren that one night, when he had left his cave, he beheld radiant angels descending from heaven at the command of God, bearing in their hands a scroll inscribed on both sides. And they said one to another: “Who can receive this scroll?” In reply, some uttered one name, and others mentioned another; but some said: “Truly, these are holy and righteous men whom ye have mentioned, yet not one of them can receive this scrollonly Ephraim, who is meek and humble of heart.” Then the elder saw that Ephraim was given this scroll, and was then convinced that what proceeded from the mouth of the holy Ephraim was inspired by the Holy Spirit; and he glorified God, Who had bestowed such grace upon is servants. When the blessed Ephraim was offering the bethren edifying talks, they were almost like a wellspring wing from his lips. From his mouth issued forth rivers overflowing with spiritual benefits.

 A spiritual psalter, excerpted by Bishop Theophan the recluse from the works of St Ephraim the Syrian, p. 241

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