Not my own will

We have to make strenuous  efforts when  we  first try  to return  to where  we fell from.  For  we  resent  abandoning our own desires, and we think  that  we can carry  out  both  God’s wishes and our  own  – which is  impossible. Our Lord Himself said,  ‘I have  come  to  do,  not  My own  will, but the will of  the  Father  who  sent  Me’  (cf. John  6:38), even though  the  will of  Father,  Son  and  Holy Spirit is one, since they constitute a single inseparable nature. But He said this on  our account and  with  respect to  the will of  the flesh.  For if  the flesh  is not consumed  and  if  a man  is not wholly led by  the Spirit of  God, he  will not do the will of God  unless  he is  forced to.  But when the  grace  of the Spirit rules within  him,  then  he no longer  has a will of  his own,  but whatever  he does is according to  God’s  will. Then  he is at peace. Men like that will be called sons  of God (cf. Matt.  5:9), because they will the  will of  their Father, as  did  the Son  of  God  who is  also  God. 

St. Peter of Damaskos, Philokalia, Volume 3, p. 84.

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