What is prayer?

Psalm 72:22-26 LXX
And I was despised, and did not know; I became like a beast before You. And I am continually with You; You hold fast my right hand; With Your counsel You guide me, And with glory You take hold of me. For what is there in heaven for me but You, And what do I desire on earth besides You? My heart and my flesh fail, O God of my heart; and God is my portion forever.

25. Rise from love of the world and love of pleasure, lay aside cares, strip your mind, renounce your body; because prayer is nothing other than estrangement from the world, visible and invisible. For what have I in heaven? Nothing. And what have I desired on earth beside Thee? Nothing, but to cling continually to Thee in prayer without distraction. To some, wealth is pleasant, to others, glory, to others, possessions, but my wish is to cling to God, and to put the hope 5of my dispassion in Him.

(The Ladder of Divine Ascent, John Climacus, Step 28)

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