The Logos In Scripture

67. In Scripture the Logos of God is called and actually is dew (cf. Deut. 32:2), water, spring (cf. John 4:14) and river (cf. John 7:38), according to the subjective capacity of the recipient.

To some He is dew because He quenches the burning energy of the passions which assails the body from without.

To those seared in the depths of their being by the poison of evil He is water, not only because water through antipathy destroys its opposite but also because it bestows a vivifying power conducive to well-being.

To those in whom the fountain of contemplative experience is continually active He is a spring bestowing wisdom.

To those from whom flows the true teaching about salvation, He is a river copiously watering men, domestic animals, wild beasts and plants.

That is to say, those who have remained human are uplifted by the conceptual images they have been given and are so deified; those made like domestic animals by the passions are restored to the human state by being shown the exact character of the virtuous way of life and so they recover their natural intelligence; those made like wild beasts by evil habits and actions are tamed by kind and tender counsel and return to their natural gentleness; those hardened like plants against divine blessings are made pliable by the Logos passing deeply through them, and they regain the sensitivity that enables them to bear fruit and to sustain the Logos within them.

~~St Maximos the Confessor, Two Hundred Texts on Theology and the Incarnate Dispensation of the Son of God Written for Thalassios Second Century, Philokalia V2.154.

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