Born A Human Being For You…

VI.iv.8. Another old man said, “Our Saviour was born a human being for you; the Son of God came that you might be saved. Without ceasing to be God, he became human; he became a child; he became a ‘lector’ when he took the book in the synagogue and cried, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and he has anointed me and sent me to preach the good news to the poor’ (Luke 4:18) He became a ‘subdeacon’ when he made a whip of cords to drive the sheep and oxen etcetera out of the temple. He became a ‘deacon’ when he girded himself with a linen cloth and washed the feet of his disciples, urging them to wash the feet of their brothers. He became a ‘presbyter’ when he sat in the midst of the elders as he taught them, and he became a ‘bishop’ as he took bread and blessed it and gave it to his disciples, etcetera. For you he was whipped, for you crucified and killed, and rose the third day and ascended into heaven.
For you he took all these things upon himself, all in accordance with the dispensation of God, all in due order, from which it follows that he has done all things that he might bring us salvation, and will you not therefore bear all things for him? Let us be sober, let us be vigilant, let us give ourselves to prayer, let us do what is pleasing to him that we might attain salvation. Was not Joseph sold into Egypt, a foreign land? Who could take pity on each of the three children taken captive in Babylon? God alone was their protector; he it was who took them up and glorified them because they feared his name. He who has given his whole heart to God does not follow his own will but looks for the guidance of God without anxiety. For if you wish to fulfil your own will without the help of God your labour is but in vain.

De Vitis Patrum, Book VI, Libellus VI

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