Sayings of the Saints
" If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him."
                --JOHN 2: 15

WONDROUS THING! the world is full of trouble and we do not tire of loving it! What
would it be were it always quiet? You attach yourself to this world, deformed and
ugly as it is; what would it be were it always agreeable? You draw away your hand
from the thorns of this world; what would it be if you had but to gather flowers?
Take care, the wind is violent, the tempest is terrible; each one has his own danger,
for each one is tossed about with his own passions. Would you wish to know how to
save yourself from this tempestuous sea? Love God, and you will walk upon its
waters; you will tread under foot the pride of the world, and you will be saved. On
the contrary, if you love the world you will be engulfed, for the world knows only how
to shipwreck soul, it knows not how to save it.

Sermons 76 and 108