Sayings of the Saints
  • On the Sacrament of Baptism
."Going therefore, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and
of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
                --MATTHEW 28:19

LET US try to preserve the noble birth which we have inherited from our baptism.
If an earthly potentate had found you poor and begging, and had suddenly adopted
you as his son, you would soon forget your past misery, you would no longer think of
your lowly hut, however great may have been the difference between these things.

Think, then, no more of your first state, since the one to which you have been called
is comparatively more illustrious than regal dignity; for He who has summoned you
is the King of angels, and the property He has reserved for you is not only far
beyond our comprehension, but even beyond all that words can express. He does not
help you to pass from one station of life to one higher, as this Potentate could have
done; but He raises you from earth to heaven, from a mortal life to an immortal life,
a life so glorious and inexpressible that it will not be known until we gain
possession of it.

How, then, being partakers of these grand blessings, can we presume to think of the
riches of this world, and how can we trifle away our time in frivolous and vain
amusements? What excuses will remain, or rather what punishments ought we not
to suffer, if, after having received so wondrous a grace, we should return to that first
condition from which we have been so fortunately -- and so mercifully -- withdrawn?
You will not be punished simply as a sinful man, but as a rebellious child of God;
and the lofty eminence of the dignity to which you were raised will only serve to
increase your punishment.

From Sermon 12 on St. Matthew

.         THROUGH THE Sacrament of Baptism you become the temple of the Holy
Ghost. Take care not to drive such a guest away by your sins, and thus become a
slave of the devil; because the price of your redemption is the precious Blood of
Acknowledge your dignity, O Christian; and, having been clothed with a nature quite
divine, do not return, I entreat you, to your old vileness, by leading a life which
would lower the rank to which you have been raised.

Remember whose chief and body you are the member of. Remember that, having
been withdrawn from the power of darkness, you have been transferred to the light
of the kingdom of God.

On the Nativity