Sayings of the Saints
  • On the Providence of God
"For all Your ways are prepared, and in Your Providence You have placed Your
                JUDITH 9: 5

LET US place our trust in the Providence of God. Let us cut off all those anxieties
which serve only to torture our minds uselessly, since, whether we make ourselves
uneasy or not, it is God alone who sends us all these things, and who may increase
them until He sees they disturb us less.
Of what use would all our cares, anxieties, and troubles be to us if they only served
to torment us, and made us suffer the pain of having had them?

Our cares are only the cares of an individual; those of God include the whole world.
The more we trouble ourselves with our own interests, the less will God interfere.
He who is invited to a splendid banquet does not trouble himself about what he
shall eat, and he who goes to a limpid spring does not make himself uneasy, for he
knows he will be able to appease his thirst.
Since, then, we have the providence of God, which is richer than the most
magnificent feast and more inexhaustible than the purest spring, do not be uneasy
-- do not cherish any misgivings.

Taken from his Homilies on St. Matthew

HE WHO has given us life will give us wherewith to sustain it. He who feeds the
thief, will He not feed the innocent? And if He takes care of His enemies, what will
He not do for His friends? You cannot place yourselves into better hands than He
who made you what you are. He who has been so good to you before you were what
you are, can He leave you uncared for, now that you are what He would wish you to

On Psalms 6 and 38