Sayings of the Saints
  • On the Mercy of God as Displayed in Our Afflictions and Tribulations
"Tribulation works patience; and patience - trial, and trial - hope."
                --ROMANS 5: 4

JESUS CHRIST has forewarned us that we should be persecuted in this world. St.
Paul, in like manner, says that all they who wish to dwell in Christ will suffer great
afflictions, not only through the agency of mart, but through the instrumentality of
the devil and his angels.
Job emphatically says that the whole of our life here below is one chain of

Why, then, should we be so sensitive of tribulations, if such be the period fixed for
all kinds of afflictions?
You would indeed have just cause to groan if you had passed through a life of
pleasure and sensual delight -- a time which our Savior has allotted for troubles,
vexations, and mortifications.
If you are inactive, or apt to pine, buckle on your armor and fight courageously; if
you walk on the broad path when the narrow way is recommended, what will your lot
be? what fearful thoughts will be in store for you!

Quote, I entreat you, a single instance of a person who, after leading a cowardly,
indifferent life, has participated in the reward God has promised to His elect.
We must always keep in mind that out Savior warns us that the gate of heaven is
small, that the road which leads to it is narrow, and that few can find it.
It is evident, therefore, that no one need go astray if he but follow the right path.