Sayings of the Saints
"But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will
teach you all things.
                --JOHN 14:26

THE APOSTLES left the supper-room in Jerusalem filled with the Holy Ghost. They had
within them a treasury of knowledge--stores of graces and spiritual gifts, which they
could distribute throughout the land; and they went to preach to all nations, having
become a living faith, and like so many books, animated by the grace of the Holy

This is why they announce, with such a marvelous certainty, mysteries of which the
old philosophers had no conception, and they publish them not to fifteen or twenty
persons, but to cities and to the entire populace, to Greeks, to barbarians, in
inhabited towns and in the middle of the deserts.
But more than this, they announce and preach to men a doctrine far above human
intelligence. They speak of nothing terrestrial, but only of the things of heaven. They
preach a state and kingdom of which they never heard before. They disclose other
riches and another poverty, another liberty and another slavery, another life and
another death, a new world and quite a new mode of life -- in fact, a complete
change and renewal of everything.

On St. Matthew's Gospel