Sayings of the Saints
St. Symeon the new theologian dwelling within the uncreated Taborian Light, blesses
the "lovers" of God:
"Blessed are those who are clothed in light,
for they are wearing the wedding garment.
Their hands and feet shall not be bound,
nor shall they be thrown into everlasting fire.
Blessed are those who have kindled the light
in their hearts, who keep it unquenched,
for as they joyfully depart from this life,
they will meet the bridegroom, torch in hand,
as he leads them into the bridal chamber.
Blessed are those who have approached the divine light,
who have entered it and been absorbed by it,
mingled in its brightness, sin has no more power,
they will weep bitter tears no more.
Blessed is the monk, offering his prayers to God,
who sees Him, and is seen near Him,
who feels himself out of time and space,
for he is in God alone, knowing not
if he is in or out of the body;
he hears inneffable words, not to be spoken;
he sees what no eye has seen or ear heard,
nor has it entered the heart of man.
Blessed is he who has seen the Light of the world
formed in himself, for he has conceived Christ
within himself; he will be counted as his mother,
as Christ, in Whom there is no lie, has said".

– All of these factors I have just mentioned to you are clearly shown in a
conversation that St. Symeon the New Theologian cites. You can see there that God
appears as Light which brings sweetness. The disciple asks the discerning spiritual
father, who has already seen God, and is assured that what he saw was God.
He took the book and started reading:
“God is light, His vision is light
When He reveals Himself, It is a light.
The beholder marvels knowing not Who hast appeared,
daring not to ask the question “Who art thou?”
Daring not to lift the eyes to see His greatness,
except in fear, in trembling, prostrate before Him,
knowing only that someone has come, someone has appeared.
If there is a person who has already spoken of these things,
a person who has already seen God, to him, it can be said:
“I have seen”.
“What have you seen, child?"
“A light, Father, sweet, so sweet, to say what it was, is beyond me”,
even as he speaks his heart is dancing on fire with love
for Him Whom he saw. He says, weeping-
the light, this light has come to me, father; my cell was engulfed
the world fled away before His face:
only I by myself and the light. Was I in the body, or out: I do not know.
The joy which I had is with me still, unspeakable,
except in tears which flow unceasingly as you see.
He replied “It is He, my child”.
At these words, He came again and gradually,
little by little, purified, encouraged, I could ask
“my God, Thou art here?" “Yes, I am here, “Your God, Who
“became man for you “and now, “you share my divinity,
“I make you god”. When you devote yourself to tears, to contrition,
to prostration, to humility, He brings you little by little
to knowledge of God”.
On Taborian Light