Sayings of the Saints
  • On Impurity
"When concupiscence has conceived it brings forth sin: when it is completed, begets
                --JAMES 1: 15

YOU WILL sometimes meet with old men, whose gravity and age give them an
appearance of severity, who are modest in society, and who are much esteemed for
their apparent goodness, but who secretly and heartily indulge in every sort of vice,
which they carefully conceal from human eye.
They, in their imagination, picture objects which they delight in; the idea flatters
them, and leads them to indulge in indelicate pleasures, unseen and unnoticed.

These sins are committed in the heart, and will there remain hidden until the coming
of our Lord, who will bring to light every dark mystery, and will expose to the whole
world the secrets of the heart. We must, then, particularly watch over our thoughts,
for deeds which spring from our free-will require time, assistance, and opportunity,
but the workings of the brain are active in a moment, without trouble, without
hindrance, without waiting for opportunity.