Sayings of the Saints
  • On Habitual Sin
"I say to you, that whoever commits sin, is the servant of sin.
                --JOHN 8: 34

YOU TELL me that it is useless for me to try, for my bad habit has too strong a hold
upon me; but I say, Watch over yourself, and you will soon be corrected.
The more inveterate the habit is the more it deserves your attention.
restrain its volubility. If you try today it will be easier to restrain it tomorrow. If your
victory is not complete tomorrow, you will find that, by the efforts you made
yesterday, your task is less difficult.  The tongue is a very quick and dangerous
member; be then more attentive to

Vice expires in three days. We shall soon reap the fruit, and rejoice at the great
advantage we have gained by being delivered from so sad an evil.
I know full well that it is difficult to break off a sinful habit, for T have myself
experienced it, but, through the holy fear of God, I have conquered the habit of
When I read and meditated on His law, I was seized with fear; I fought manfully
against my bad habit; I invoked the Lord in whom I trusted, and He gave me the aid
I prayed for, and soon nothing appeared to me more easy than to refrain from

Serm. 307