Sayings of the Saints
  • On Discord, Lawsuits, etc.
"He that studies discords, loves quarrels."
               --PROVERBS 17: 19

IN ORDER to avoid dissensions we should be ever on our guard, more especially with
those who drive us to argue with them, with those who vex and irritate us, and who
say things likely to excite us to anger. When we find ourselves in company with
quarrelsome, eccentric individuals, people who openly and unblushingly say the most
shocking things, difficult to put up with, we should take refuge in silence, and the
wisest plan is not to reply to people whose behavior is so preposterous.

Those who insult us and treat us contumeliously are anxious for a spiteful and
sarcastic reply: the silence we then affect disheartens them, and they cannot avoid
showing their vexation; they do all they can to provoke us and to elicit a reply, but
the best way to baffle them is to say nothing, refuse to argue with them, and to
leave them to chew the cud of their hasty anger. This method of bringing down their
pride disarms them, and shows them plainly that we slight and despise them.

Offices Chap. v.