Sayings of the Saints
  • On Calumny and Slander
"The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity; it is an unquiet evil, full of deadly poison.
               JAMES 3: 6, 8

TO COMMIT a murder, besides the not having the person in your power, there are
many measures and precautions to take. A favorable opportunity must be waited for,
and a place must be selected before we can put so damnable a design into execution.
More than this, the pistols may misfire, blows may not be sufficient, and all wounds
are not mortal. But to deprive a man of his reputation and honor, one word is
sufficient. By finding out the most sensitive part of his honor, you may tarnish his
reputation by telling it to all who know him, and easily take away his character for
honor and integrity. To do this, however, no time is required, for scarcely have you
complacently cherished the wish to calumniate him, than the sin is effected.