- "My Son, now will I teach thee the way of peace and of true liberty."

-  Do, O my Lord, as Thou sayest, for this is pleasing unto me to hear.

"Strive, My Son, to do another's will rather than thine own.
Choose always to have less rather than more.  
Seek always after the lowest place, and to be subject to all.  
Wish always and pray that the will of God be fulfilled in thee.  
Behold, such a man as this entereth into the inheritance of peace and quietness."

- O my Lord, this Thy short discourse hath in itself much of perfectness.  It is short
in words but full of meaning, and abundant in fruit.  For if it were possible that I
should fully keep it, disturbance would not so easily arise within me.  For as often
as I feel myself disquieted and weighed down, I find myself to have gone back from
this teaching.  But Thou, Who art Almighty, and always lovest progress in the soul,
vouchsafe more grace, that I may be enabled to fulfill Thy exhortation, and work out
my salvation.