Lives of the Saints
The Five Martyrs were from Greater Armenia. Like their ancestors, they worshipped
Christ in secret; during the persecution of Diocletian, they presented themselves
before the Forum authorities, and having been tormented in diverse manners, by
Lysius the proconsul, three of them ended their lives in torments. As for Saints
Eustratius and Orestes, they survived and were sent to Sebastia to Agricolaus, who
governed the whole East; by his command these Saints, received their end as martyrs
by fire in 296. Saint Auxentius was a priest. Saint Eustratius was educated and an
orator; he was the foremost among Lysius' dignitaries and the archivist of the
province. In the Synaxarion he is given the Latin title of scriniarius, that is, "keeper of
the archives." The prayer, "Magnifying I magnify Thee, 0 Lord," which is read in the
Saturday Midnight Service, is ascribed to him. In the Third Hour and elsewhere there
is another prayer, "O Sovereign Master, God the Father Almighty," which is ascribed to
Saint Mardarius.
Fourth Tone
Thy Martyrs, O Lord in their courageous contest for Thee received the prize the crowns
of incorruption and life from Thee, our immortal God. For since they possessed Thy
strength, they cast down the tyrants and wholly destroyed the demons' strengthless
presumption. O Christ God, by their prayers, save our souls, since Thou art merciful.
Second Tone
Thou shonest as a most brilliant light for them that sat in the darkness of ignorance,
O prizewinner. And armed with faith as with a spear, thou wast not frightened by the
audacity of thine adversaries, O Eustratius, most eloquent of orators.

[1] The Great Horologion – Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Also see translation by M.
Holy Martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius
and Orestes