Lives of the Saints
During his early years, he rejected the world and came to Shihit. At the beginning he
lived in the community monastery for forty years (40) and then he endeavored as a
hermit. Abba Daniel of Shihit said: “I lived in the coenobia and in the desert and
trying this and that type of life I find that in the communities the monks succeed
much faster if they carry out proper life.”
Then Abba Daniel lived in Shihit the barbarians attacked Shihit and took him into
captivity. He was a prisoner for 2 years.  One Christ-loving man ransomed him.  After
a short time the barbarians attacked Shihit again and took Abba Daniel into captivity.  
Spending in the captivity 6 months, he ran away. The third time the barbarians came
to Shihit and took Abba Daniel to captivity and tortured him by merciless beating.  
One day, finding a suitable time, he took a stone and hit the barbarian - his master.  
The barbarian died from the stroke and Abba Daniel ran away and was relieved from
After that he began to feel sorry about the murder he has committed and with such a
feeling he came to Alexandria and confessed to Archbishop Demotius what has
happened to him.  The Archbishop did not approve his act saying: “It would be better
for you to rely on God, He who delivered you twice would not He delivered you in the
third time?  However, you have not committed murder because you have killed not a
man but a beast.”  
Being unsatisfied with this answer, Abba Daniel took the boat and went to Rome.  
There, he confessed to the Pope of Rome what happened to him.  He gave the same
answer which was given by the Alexandrian Archbishop.  Abba Daniel returned to
Alexandria and said to himself: “Daniel, who committed murder should also be
killed.”  He went to the praetorium and gave himself up to the hands of the civil
authority saying: “I have quarreled and being driven by anger I struck my opponent
with the stone and this opponent died.  This is why I ask you to deliver me into the
judgment that I may die for the murder which I have committed, so that this
punishment would deliver me from the eternal punishment.”  Abba was put into
prison.  After 30 days, his report reached the ruler.  The ruler called him from the
prison and asked him about the murder.  He related everything with all the details
and accuracy.   The ruler was surprised at the way of Abba Daniel thought and he let
him free by saying: “Go Abba and pray to God for me!  I regret that you killed only
one but not six.”
Then the elder said to himself: “I put my trust in God, the lover of mankind that He
will forgive this murder which I committed.  From now on I promise my Christ to serve
a leper all the days of my life for this murder.”  He decided within himself that if this
leper would die whom I will take, then, I shall go to Egypt [2] and take another.  No
body of the skete fathers knew that the elder has a leper in his cell, because the
leper was in the inner compartment of the cell and nobody except the elder had the
right to enter.

But, one day in the sixth hour, the elder called a disciple to share the food as usual.  
By the providence of God it happened that the elder forgot to close the door of the
inner compartment.  He left it open at the time when he was serving the leper.  The
leper’s body was rotten from many terrible wounds.  The disciple entered when the
door was open and saw how the elder serves the leper and how he brings him food
and puts this food into his mouth.
The leper has no hands and he could not chew because his mouth was rotten, then,
the elder put the food into the leper’s mouth with his hand and whatever the leper
could not consume the elder would finish.
The disciple, seeing this wonderful action of the elder, was surprised and glorified
God granted such patience to the elder in serving the leper.

(4) It was said about Abba Daniel, when the barbarians attacked Shihit, the brethren
ran away from it but the elder said: “If God does not take care of me, why shall I
live?”  And he went among the barbarians and they did not see him.  Then, the elders
said to him: “God helped you and you have not died, but now do what is appropriate
for every man. Run as the fathers have run !”

(13) One day, Abba Daniel was walking with his disciple Abba Ammon. The disciple
said to the elder: “Father, when will we stop wandering here and there and stay
permanently in our cell?”  Abba Daniel answered him: “Who can deprive us of our cell?
When we are in the cell God is with us and when we are out of the cell God is also
with us.”

(14) One day Abba Daniel, the presbyter of Shihit went to Thebaid[3] taking with him
one of his disciples.  They went up the Nile by boat and when they reached a certain
village, the elder ordered the rowers to stop at the shore.  The elder said to his
disciple: “We have to stop here.”  The disciple, hearing this, began to murmur: “How
long shall we wander?  Let’s go to Shihit.”
The elder said: “No, we shall stay here.”
They sat in the middle of the village as pilgrims.  The disciple said to the elder: “Is it
a good behavior in the sight of God, that we sit here like the worldly people?  At least
let us go to the church”.  The elder said: “No, we shall stay here.”
They remained in the place for the evening.  The brother began to show bitterness
against the elder and insulting him by saying: “Grievous to me with you old man, and
because of you I have to die!”  When the disciple called him in such a way a certain
man from the village came to them, he was gray haired from old age.  When he saw
Abba Daniel, he fell at his feet and began to kiss them and pour tears on them.  He
also greeted the disciple and then said to them: “Please, let us enter my home.”

He had in his hand a torch with which he walked along the street searching for the
strangers bringing them into his house.  He took the elder and his disciple and other
strangers whom he could find and brought them all into his house. Then he poured
water in the basin and washed the feet of the elder and the other brethren.  Except
God alone he had nothing in his house nor in any other place.  The pilgrims offered
food when they have finished the food, the man collected the rest and threw it to the
dogs of the village.  This was his habit, he never left anything for the next day.
The elder took the master of the house into a special place, and there they talked
alone all night until the morning speaking about soul beneficial matters with many
tears.  When the morning broke out, they greeted each other and parted.  Along the
way back the disciple bowed to the elder and said: “Shall you allow me Abba to ask
who was this man and how do you know him?”  But, the elder did not want to
answer.  Again the disciple bowed to him and said: “Abba, you have told me about
many other things and about this man you do not want to say to me anything?”    
Indeed, the elder used to tell him about the good life of many holy people, but about
this old man, he did not want to say anything.
The brother, scandalized by this and during the way he did not talk to the elder about
anything.   When they came to their cell, the brother did not want to bring food to the
elder at the usual time.  It was already the 10th hour of the day and the evening time
The elder came to the cell of this brother and said to him: “My child, what does this
mean you left me, your father, without food?”  The brother answered: “Had I had a
father, the father would love his son!”  Hearing this, the elder turned away and
wanted to leave the cell, but the brother reached and stopped him and began to kiss
his feet by saying: “God lives, I shall not leave you until you tell me who was that
The brother did not want to leave the elder in his sorrow because he loves him very
much.  Then the elder said: “Give me a little to eat and I will tell you.”
After they ate, the elder said to the brother: “Do not be disobedient.  I did not want
to tell you because of your objection and your behavior in the village.  Now, do not
tell anyone what you are about to hear from me.”
This man is called Evlogius, by his profession he is a stone cutter.  He spends all day
at work, partaking of no food until the evening.   When the evening time comes, he
returns to his home and brings with him all the strangers whom he finds in the
village, monks and laity.  He offers them food as you have seen.  The rest of the food
which remains from the dinner he throws to the dogs.   With this profession he has
been occupied from his youth until now and he is now over 100 years old.  Until now
God gives him the same strength in work which he had when he was young.  Every
day, he earns one gold coin.
Forty years ago I came to this village to sell my hand work.  At that time I was not
old yet.  When the evening started Evlogius came as usual and took me among
others, whom he found, to his home and offered food as you have seen.  I was
surprised at his virtuous life and began to fast for a week and to pray to God about
him that God may give him prosperity for this good work of hospitality to strangers.  I
spent more than three weeks fasting until I was weakened by it and I was hardly
alive.. and behold a beautiful and holy one came to me and said: “What is wrong with
you Abba Daniel? ”
I answered: “I gave a word before God that I shall not eat bread until God hears my
prayer about Evlogius, the stone cutter to send him blessing that he might be over
plentiful in  the work of hospitality.”   He answered me: “It is not good. It is better
for him to live in this condition.”
I said: “No, Lord.  Give him riches, that everyone may glorify your holy name.”  He
answered: “I tell you his present condition is good for him.  If you want me, by all
means, to make him rich, would you take responsibility for the salvation of his soul
during the increase of his property?  Under this condition I shall give him.”   I said:
“My Lord, from my hand you will call his soul!”   At the time, when I said this, I saw
myself standing in the temple of the Holy resurrection in Jerusalem.
There, I saw this beautiful youth who sat on a stone.  Evlogius was standing on his
right side.  The youth said to one of those standing in front of him to call me.  When
I approached, he said to me: “Is it you who vouched for Evlogius?”  Those around him
said: “Indeed so, Lord, this is him.”   The youth said: “I shall call from you your vouch
I said: “Call it from me, my Lord, but only do this: increase his possessions.”  After
this, I saw two persons who began to put inside Evlogius a great amount of gold, the
more they put inside him, the more his entrails would contain.   When I woke up I
understood that my prayers were heard and I glorified God.  By this time, Evlogius
went to work and struck a stone.  He heard the sound of an empty stone.  He
repeated the stroke and formed a small opening.  He struck the third time and a great
cavity had been opened which was filled with gold.  Being possessed by fear, he said
to himself: “What shall I do? I do not know!  If I take this gold to my house, the ruler
will hear of it and will take the treasure for himself and will subject me to many
However, I will take the gold and put it in such a place which no one will know.  So,
he bought oxen as if for carrying stones.  With great precautions he transferred the
gold to his house.  The good work of receiving the strangers which he used to do
every day, he abandoned.   He hired a boat and arrived at Constantinople.  This was
during the reign of Justin II.
Evlogius gave to the Emperor a lot of gold and also to the Aristocrats.  Thus, he
received in return the rank of Eparchos (a ruler) over a certain area.  He bought
himself a beautiful palace which is called, until now, The Egyptian Palace.  After two
years, I see the beautiful youth again in the holy temple of Resurrection, by himself.  
So, I said to myself: “But where is Evlogius?” Shortly after, I see that Evlogius has
been chased away from the presence of the youth and a certain Ethiopian is dragging
him.  I woke up and I said to myself: “Woe to me the sinner! What have I done?   I
have destroyed my soul !”.    I went to this village where Evlogius lived before as if
for the sale of my hand work.  There, I expected Evlogius to come and take me into
his house.   No body came, nor did anyone invit me.  I got up and I saw a certain old
woman and I asked her to bring me some bread because I had not eaten all day.   
She hurried to her house and brought me bread and cooked food.   She sat near me
and said to me good spiritual words.
She said: “It is not good for you to enter worldly villages.  Do you not know that
monastic life requires you to go away from the worries of this world?” She also said
many other useful things to me.  I told her: “I came here to sell my hand work.”  She
said: “Although you came to sell your hand work, you should not have tarried in the
village to such a late hour.”   I answered: “Yes, yes, but tell me another thing, do you
have in this village someone who has the fear of God and received strangers?”   She
sighed and said: “O father and master, we had here one stone cutter who was very
merciful to strangers.  But God, seeing his hood life, poured on him many of His
riches.   We heard about him that he is in Constantinople and became a noble man
and a dignitary.”
When I heard this, I said to myself: “This is me who made this murder.”   
Immediately I went to Alexandria, sat on a boat and arrived at Constantinople.   I
began to ask: “Where is the Egyptian Palace? and how shall I find it ?”    People told
me and I went and sat at the gate of the house of Evlogius, waiting for his exit.   I
saw how he went out with great pride and cried to him: “Have mercy on me, I have
something to say to you.”  But, not only he did not want to look at me but he ordered
his slaves to beat me.  I hurriedly changed from the place to another by which he will
pass.   Again I cried to him and again he ordered his slaves to beat me even more.
In such a way I spent four weeks before his gate, in the rain, wind and snow, and I
could not talk with him.  Then I lost all strength, I went out and threw myself in front
of the icon of our Lord Jesus Christ and prayed with tears and said: “My Lord, please
relieve me from the vouch for this man, otherwise I shall leave monasticism and I will
go to the world.”
When I was saying this in my mind, I fell asleep, and I heard in a dream the sound of
an unusual commotion.  The voice said: “The queen is coming!”  Before her were
many armies and contingents, thousands of thousands and ten thousands of people
were in front of her.   I called to her.  “Have mercy on me, O Lady.”  She stopped and
said to me: “What do you want?”   I said: “I have vouched for Evloguis the Eparchos
and can you give an order to release me from this vouch?”  She said: “This is not my
business.  I am not entering into this business. You have to satisfy it as you like
according to your vouch”.  Waking up, I told myself: “Ah, even if I have to die here, I
shall not leave the gate of Evlogius until it is possible to talk with him”.
Again, I went to his gate and when he wanted to get out, I called him.  Then one of
his slaves ran to me and struck me many times till my body was crushed.  Having
been in complete bewilderment and depression, I said to myself: “I shall return to
Shihit and if it pleases God, by His own way, which He alone knows, will save
I went on my way and found a boat which was heading to Alexandria.  I entered this
boat and from great sorrow and grief I felt like I was dead.  In such a state I passed
out and I dreamt.   I saw again that I am in the temple of the Holy Resurrection and I
see again the same youth who was sitting on the stone of the grave of our Lord.   
The youth looked at me with wrath.  From this look, my heart became petrified and I
could not open my mouth.  This youth said to me: “Why don’t you act according to
your vouch?”
Then He ordered two men who were in front of Him to hang me and beat me well
enough and saying: “Do not begin the work which exceeds your measure.  Do not get
in conflict with God.  Do not be a nuisance to God.”
From the fear, I could not open my mouth.  While I was hanging, I heard a voice:
“The Queen is coming.”  When I saw her I got a little courage and said to her in a
quiet voice: “O the lady of the world, have mercy on me.”
She asked as in the first time: “What do you want?”  I answered: “I am hanging here
because I vouched for Evlogius.”  She said to me: “I shall intercede for you.”  I saw
that she came to the youth and began to kiss His feet, and the youth asked me: “In
the future, will you stop doing these things?”   I said: “Yes, I will stop my Lord.  I
prayed for Evloguis wishing him the best.  Lord, I have sinned. Forgive me and do
give the order to relieve me from this.”  He said to me: “Go into your cell and do not
worry about Evloguis any more.  I will return him to his former good way of life, by
the way I alone know.”   I woke up with great and inexpressible joy for I have been
relieved from such a vouch and I thanked God and His most holy mother.
After three months I heard that King Justin had died and another king reigned in his
stead.  The king began to persecute the aristocrats of the former king including
Evloguis the Eparchus.  Two of these dignitaries were killed, their possessions were
robbed and even the riches of Evloguis. He fled Constantinople by night because the
king gave orders to search for him and to kill him wherever they find him.   Evloguis
changed his clothes, he put on the clothes which wore before, in the days of his
poverty, and returned to his former place.
All the villagers came to him and asked him: “We heard that you became a dignitary
and an aristocracy, is it true?”  He answered: “If I were of the high rank, you would
not have seen me here.  You have heard about someone else.  I have been pligriming
in the holy places.”
So, becoming sober of the vanities of the world, Evlogius said to himself: “Humble
Evlogius, get up and take up your tools and go to work.  Here is not Constantinople.  
Otherwise, your head will be taken away from your shoulders.”
He took his tools and went to the stone in which he formerly found the treasure
hoping that he will find something similar the second time.  He knocked on the rock
until midday and found nothing.  Then, he remembered the plenty of food and
pleasures which he had when he lived in the palace and all the seduction of this
world.  He said to himself again: “Stand up and work.  This is Egypt”.  Gradually, the
Holy Youth and the holy Lady brought him to his former pious condition.  The Just
Lord did not forget his previous virtuous life.
After a few years, I went to the village.  In the evening, Evlogius invited me to his
house as his habit was and as soon as I saw him, I sighed from the depth of my
heart and said with tears: “How great are Your works O Lord!  You have created
everything with wisdom.  Who is god so great as our God who raises the poor from
the earth. Lord God, who can confess of all Your miracles and Your providence?    I,
the sinner, was about to perish and my soul was about to go to hell.” Evloguis took
water, washed my feet as his habit was and offered dinner.  At the end of the dinner
I asked him: “How do you live brother?  He answered me: “Pray for me father because
I am a sinful man and I have no property”.  I said: “Oh I wish you had no property
which you had before”.   “Why so, Abba and Master?”, he said to me, “Have I
scandalized you in some way?”  Then I related to him all what happened and we cried
together.  He said to me: “Pray for me that I may reform at least from now.”       I
said to him: “I tell you the truth my brother, do not expect to get greater property
than what you have now.  You will receive every day one gold coin.” This, God gave
him for his daily sustenance.  Now my child I have told you how I know him.  But, do
not relate it to anyone.  The disciple kept this secret until the death of the holy elder.
One should not be surprised at the love, providence and care of God about us.   In a
short time, God raised Evlogius to such a height and again humbled him for the
salvation of his soul.
Let us pray that we also will be granted in the fear of God our Lord to be humbled.  
We may receive mercy on the day of His awful judgment through the prayers of the
most holy mother of God, the Virgin Mary and all saints. Amen.
[1] Translated from Russian by Mother Juliana AKA Julian the Alien
[2] Egypt here means the valley or the green part of Egypt.
[3] Thebaid : city in upper Egypt.
Abba Daniel The Presbyter Of Shihit