St Anysia of Thessalonica
The Lives of the Holy Women Martyrs – P. 567
Holy Apostles Convent.
Anysia, the holy and venerable martyr of Christ lived during the reign of Emperor
Maximian (A.D. 286-305). She was the daughter of pious and rich parents, she hailed
from Thessalonica. With the death of her parents, Anysia distributed her wealth
among the poor. She lived a God-pleasing life of silence, compunction, and fulfilling
the divine commands. She occupied herself with fasting, tears and mortifying the
passions. Deeming the joys of youth as deceitful temptations, though she was yet a
young woman, she was yet a young woman, she yearned to be older. She thought to
herself, “when pondering upon the length of time remaining until old age sets on, it
fills me with sadness; for so many years separate me from heaven!”
Then, one day, as was her custom was, the fair Anysia proceeded to the church, when
she encountered a soldier of the idol madness. He arrested Anysia and dragged her to
the altar of the idols, compelling her to sacrifice unto demons. The saint, however,
stood her ground and refused to worship the sun. She confessed Christ and then spat
upon the face of that blackguard. In a passion, that abominable soldier drew his
sword and ran the virgin through her side. Thus, the blessed Anysia endured this
unjust slaughter and received the unfading crown of martyrdom.  
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