Prayers For Purity
O undefiled, pure, all-merciful Lord, Who in taking on Thy humanity didst free our
nature from corruption; and by uniting it with that which is superior didst totally
sanctify it; Thou Who unto those who confidently believe in Thee, the only true
One, dost grant richly of Thy grace; Thou Who hast shamed that ancient and
arrogant one who tripped us up in the weakness of the flesh; do Thou, the same
beneficent Lord, cleanse me the passionate and sin-loving one, who hast been
defiled by mine imaginings during sleep, of every impurity of body and soul.
Account this not unto me as a sin, whether I was defiled by adream borne of the
malice of that unnamed and good-hating demon, or whether by immoderation in
hurtful things, or whether by evil habit and overbearing presumption. From this
time forward, strengthen me against his sinister rage by Thine allpowerful
grace and preserve me above his various evil plans, maintaining the lamp of my
chastity undimmed unto the end.
So that, being rescued from the ticklings of abominable passions and from the
fearsome gloom of nighttime fantasies by Thy power, I may meditate day and
night upon the luminous vision of Thy judgments, which are sweeter and more to
be desired than honey and honey-comb; and with purity of conscience, I may be
deemed worthy to participate in Thy lifegiving and immortal Mysteries. Through
the intercession of Her who bore Thee without corruption, our most-pure Lady, the
Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, and of all the Saints. Amen.

A Prayer by Saint Basil
O all-merciful, incorrupt, pure, undefiled, only sinless Lord,cleanse me, Thy
useless servant from all defilements of body and soul, and from this impurity
which hath happened to me because of my carelessness and indifference, together
with all mine other iniquities. Purify me of every stain by the grace of Thy Christ;
sanctify me by sending down Thy Holy Spirit; so that, rising up
from the fog of mine impurities and the fantasies of the devil, and from every
diabolical defilement, I might be made worthy in pure conscience to open my foul
and polluted mouth to praise Thine allholy Name of the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit; and thereby to participate guiltlessly and uncondemned in the most
pure, immortal, most holy and life-giving Mysteries of Thine onlybegotten Son, our
Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ; with Whom Thou art blessed, together
with Thine all holy, and good, and life-creating Spirit, now and ever, and unto the
ages of ages. Amen.

Another Prayer of St. Basil
or of St. Martinianos
Again have I the wretched one been tripped up in my mind by serving my evil and
sinful habits. Again I am dragged as a captive by the prince of darkness and the
father of passionate pleasure; and as a slave, humiliated by his will, he forces me
to serve the desires of the flesh. And what am I to do, O Lord, O Lord, redeemer
and defender of all who hope in Thee; but to turn again to Thee, and sigh, and
beg forgiveness for the things which I have done. But I fear and tremble that
perhaps even though Iconfess daily and try to avoid harmful things, yet still I
cease not to sin every hour, and fail to render my prayer to Thee, my God, Imight
yet incite Thy patience unto wrath. And who can bear Thine anger, O Lord?
Wherefore, knowing the multitude of Thy compassions and the abyss of Thy love
for mankind, again I throw myself upon Thy mercy, and I cry unto Thee, saying: I
have sinned, O Lord; have mercy upon me, the fallen one. Grant unto me Thy hand
in help, who am sunk in the pit of pleasures; and do not abandon me, O Lord, Thy
servant, to be destroyed by mine iniquities and my sins. Rather, in Thy usual
goodness deliver me from the pollution and the stain of my flesh and from my
passionate thoughts which in every way defile my miserable soul.
Behold, O Lord my God, there is not even one place in it that is clean, but it is
altogether leprous; my body is itself one great wound. Let Thou Thyself, therefore,
as the healer of souls and the wellspring of life, cleanse my soul with tears which
Thou shalt pour out upon me abundantly. Grant me healing and cleansing, and
turn not Thy face from me, lest the darkness of despair consume
me as fire. But as Thou Thyself, the all-true God, hast said that there is joy in
heaven at the return of a sinner, let this be unto me, a sinner. Close not the ears
of Thy compassion against the prayer of my repentance; but open them unto me
and direct my prayer before Thee as incense. Thou, the Creator, knowest the
weakness of our nature, how easily we slip in our youth; yet Thou overlookest the
sins and Thou acceptest the repentance of those who confess to Thee in truth. For
Thou alone art sinless, and unto Thee we send up glory, now and ever, and unto
the ages of ages. Amen.

The Prayer of Saint Mardarios
Sovereign God, the Father Almighty, O Lord, the Onlybegotten  Son, Jesus Christ,
and Thou, O Holy Spirit, one Godhead, one Power, have mercy on me, a sinner;
and by the judgments which Thou knowest save me, Thine unworthy servant; for
blessed art Thou unto the ages of ages. Amen.