O Master Lord God the Pantocrator the Father of our Lord and God and Saviour
Jesus the tabernacle figures of the cherubims, those who strech forth their wings on
the altar (mercy seat) and gave wisdom to Solomon for the house which he built for
thee, and appeared to thy chosen apostles through the incarnation of thine only
begotten Son our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ to build for thee churches
and monasteries after the name of thy saints the martyrs. Therefore, we entreat
and ask thee O Lover of mankind, send Holy Spirit upon these icons of saint (…)
He anoints with the Meeron (oil) and breathes on them saying:
That they may be a harbour of safety, harbour of steadfastness to whoever
appoaches them with faith to obtain grace from God for the forgiveness of their
sins, for blessed and full of glory is thy holy name O the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit now …etc.
Then he breathes on them after partaking of the Eucharist and before drinking the
A prayer for
the consecration of  icons